Creativity & Graphic Design

They are effective tools for strengthening the corporate identity and image, and a business strategy that sets the difference with the competence. We offer integral services of design and corporate image to your organization.

From our Heathunters department, we design strategies and commercial actions aimed at your staff, with the idea of facilitate the interaction between products and services.

We develop cross-selling or cross-selling actions to boost our clients businesses and make them more profitable, with a greater projection to the constantly evolving market (sales techniques, sales through on-line channels, etc.)

This type of cross-selling do not consists in “placing” more products to the customers, the main key or succes is to apply it correctly, being very important to know the needs of our customer and satisfy them correctly.

Cross-selling strategies are relebance to any company, resulting in a perfect strategy in specific sectors or very mature markets.

On the other hand, cross selling helps customers to be more efficient, since they use a single supplier for a greater number of products or services.

In this way, we can increase our customer acquisition, with a consequent increase in our billing, which can fluctuate between 10 and 25%, depending on the product and the market.

Integral Service

Creativity: Creation of one or more new concepts.

Design of corporate identity (Branding): Logo, cards, envelopes, internal documents, invoices, posters …

Editorial Design: Books, newspapers and magazines.

Advertising design: Advertising posters, advertisements, brochures, catalogs, merchandising, stands and commercial spaces, etc.

  • Concept

    The concept is the most basic unit of all forms of human knowledge constructions or mental self-projections, through which we understand the experiences that emerge from the interaction with our environment. It is considered a cognitive unit of meaning. A mental content that is sometimes defined as a “unit of knowledge.”

  • Briefing

    It is the document or information session that provides information to the advertising agency to generate a communication, advertisement or advertising campaign. Subsequently, a market study of the sector and a user profile statistic, to better define the sales process.

  • Communication and Design

    We turn a project into a life project, and giving shape with graphs, images, 3d, virtual reality, etc.

  • Strategic marketing

    Desired brand positioning.

    The advertiser must specify his expectations about the advertising campaign.

    Once the campaign is completed, how should the advertised product be perceived by the consumer?. (What he knows, what he thinks, what he feels).

    Stimulus in the mind of the consumer. What should the consumer think when expose the advertising stimuli designed in that campaign? The answer: “What do you want me to do?” Buy the product? To vote for a particular political party? That changes the habits?.


Myluxepoint Agencyis an integral services and solutions company of marketing and communication belonging to an international corporation related to business communication, with more than 20 years of presence in the market. The sum of all the companies that make up the group allows us to offer our clients the marketing and communication tools of a global and integral character that optimize the communication of their brand.



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