The corporate magazine constitutes for any company a fundamental way of communication with its clients. For this reason, corporate publications should be one of the images of the company they represent and, if necessary, contribute to improving it. Simplicity, functionality and, above all, the highest quality should characterize every corporate magazine. Only through a clear structure, a concise but pleasant language, and an attractive design, can a publication convey the image of quality and service that any company wants and must communicate abroad. The magazine arrives where the managers and commercial representatives of the company cannot do it, to convey in a subtle but effective way the chosen message. Therefore, it is the corporate identity of the company that govern the content and the aesthetic of the publication. In this way, your company will have a quality communication tool, attractive to its customers.

Internal journals: We create customized magazines based on the specific needs of each department of the company. The internal magazine can be a tool of the commercial direction, of human resources or even of the department of internal communication in the case of big companies.

Corporate or external magazine: We create customized magazines based on the specific needs of each client or company. The external magazine fulfils different objectives, to make known the products or services of, the sales.


Myluxepoint Agency is an integral services and solutions company of marketing and communication belonging to an international corporation related to business communication, with more than 20 years of presence in the market. The sum of all the companies that make up the group allows us to offer our clients the marketing and communication tools of a global and integral character that optimize the communication of their brand.



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